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Fusion Audio Recordings back catalog titles (2000-2001)

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  • Fusion Audio Recordings back catalog titles (2000-2001)

Remaining stock of Fusion Audio Recordings releases from 2000-2001 are on sale for $5 each or $25 for all seven.

Ovum / Aluminum Noise "Earth Below" split CD-R -- "Earth Below" is nearly 70 minutes of subterranean ambience and bent noise. This 2001 split CD-R from Swedish noise/drone-ambient project Ovum and Aluminum Noise (Jason Crumer of No Rent Records with Nathan Hobbs) was limited to 100 copies.

Pablo Reche "Radiation" CD-R -- "Radiation" is a 2001 release by Pablo Reche, the accomplished Buenos Aires-based artist who has presented sound installations at festivals on three continents. On this 54-minute CD-R, Reche dismantles and reconstructs field recordings into radiant noise that churns, crackles and hums.

R4 untitled EP CD-R -- This 2001 CD-R release from experimental sound creator R4 features a 43-minute composition of noise and ambience. Packaged in a plastic sleeve, the cover of this minimalistic work is hand-painted copper and blue with R4's name written in silver paint.

DBS / R4 "Split Release" CD -- This split CD with R4, released in 2000 alongside a (long sold out) 7" record, features a one-off side project from Scott Sturgis of rhythmic noise powerhouse Converter. DBS, which stands for Deep Brain Stimulation, created the four tracks found on this disc's first half by manipulating voice/mouth sounds with an Ensoniq ASR-10. The result is cold ambience, power electronics and jackhammered rhythms. R4 closes the CD out with an assault on the ear drums. High-pitched squalls crash into walls of bass-heavy rumbling noise.

Stolen Light "73 Years of Darkness" CD-R -- An hour of harsh wall noise washing out the pre-Internet 20th century's most prolific advertising service provider. Do not adjust your set.

Jorge Castro "Sin Titulo 3" CD-R -- "Sin Titulo 3" (2001) is Fusion Audio's second solo release from Puerto Riccan experimental sound artist Jorge Castro (DEFORMA, Clon, Tromba), following a double-disc set released in early 2000 ("La Tranquilidad De Tu Presencia"). A guitar composition of ambient minimalism, this 46-minute disc is the sonic and thematic inverse of the heavier sound Castro was best known for (at the time of its release) as a member of the noise duo Cornucopia.

Suspicion Breeds Confidence "Phager Incallidus" CD -- "Phager Incallidus (Exhibitionismus XI)" is a live improvisation recorded by Suspicion Breeds Confidence (Tobias Schmitt) in 1999 in Wurzburg, Germany. SBC's 43-minute performance explores glitch electronica, atmospheric tones, and subtle, dysphoric hints at rhythm.